In 2010 I was commissioned to photograph the world's largest country by the British publisher of the acclaimed Insight Guides series. Shot exclusively on a basic Nikon P6000 point-and-shoot camera, the project involved covering vast areas of the country in both the summer and the winter and to try and capture its essence and the people living throughout its nine different time zones. The small selection of photographs here are all from the first shoot that took place during August and September 2010, a journey that took me as far east as the Ulan Ude in the Republic of Buryatia and south to the Black Sea resort of Sochi. Several images from the December 2010 winter shoot can be found in the Sco on the Run in Russia article below.
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Richard Schofield is an award-winning English photographer, collector, curator and occasional performer who is also both the founder and the Creative Director of the International Centre for Litvak Photography