Daily Life Revisited

From the time he started taking serious photographs in 1959 until the last Soviet troops left Lithuania in 1993, the Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus worked intermittently on a clandestine project recording daily life in his native land. The project culminated in the extraordinary book, Kasdienybės Archyvai (Daily Life Archives), published in 2003 by the Union of Lithuanian Photographers of which Sutkus was a founder member in the late 1960s. My Daily Life Revisited project, respectfully commandeered and generally reworked in the spirit of Sutkus' original, was shot over a period of two years throughout Lithuania and was exhibited as a series of 35 tiny, hand-printed black and white photographs hung on a wall inside an empty shoe shop in the basement of a Soviet-era shopping centre in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius in November 2009 before moving on in different guises to group shows in London and Berlin the following year. Read more about it on the BBC News website or buy the book in which I'm interviewed on the subject in more detail.
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Richard Schofield is an award-winning English photographer, collector, curator and occasional performer who is also both the founder and the Creative Director of the International Centre for Litvak Photography